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[Meta] R4R, rencontres, speedating et règle 2 "No sexual content"

2019.05.10 17:52 Uni_Ksyr [Meta] R4R, rencontres, speedating et règle 2 "No sexual content"

Les différents r4r Paris sont morts et ne sont plus modérés, mais j'ai l'impression qu'il y a une (petite ?) demande pour le retour d'un truc similaire voire pour l'organisation de grosses orgies d'événement speeddating. (Indices 1, & 2).
Je me demande si ça peut rentrer dans les cordes de SocialParis ?
En particulier :
Cela enfreint-il les règles du subreddit (notamment la 2e) ?
Quelqu'un serait tenté pour animer ce truc (je veux bien aider mais je suis pas 100% sûr de pouvoir gérer ça seul) ?
Globalement vous pensez que ça serait une bonne idée (ou que ça vous intéresserez de participer personnellement) ?
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2016.02.21 13:45 pegasus_527 Stage

My first contact with La Mosca was during a company interview for the module Process Management. The purpose of this interview was to become more familiar with how a company organizes itself and how agile development methods such as Agile and Scrum is actually practiced in real life. During this interview I quickly became fascinated by the product La Mosca makes -even though we also had an interesting discussion about Agile.
In essence La Mosca makes citygames, these are mainly interactive GPS games played with other people in a real life setting. This is made possible by mobile apps/games that "upgrade" the world by augmenting it.
After a second encounter during a speeddating session it quickly became clear I'd love to do my internship at the company.
Together with Matthias, an IT student at Odisee, I am currently interning at La Mosca. Because I already had some familiarity with the React framework, I have been given the task to update and extend an existing live/replay map application. Future tasks will most likely include further developing the existing games en integrating with diverse external gateways and API's.
Mainly the modules I took in the fifth semester have already proven to be excellent choices. My knowledge of Web -and Android development have already come in handy many times. Besides that -in my opinion- the many work-groups I partook in during my education at HoWest have clearly given me an advantage in the company's work environment.
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2015.08.31 12:39 Helga_Maltend Hey Oxford! Don't miss the most romantic event for singles on the 2d September! Check out the details here!

We are organizing fun speeddating events and singles parties where you can meet up with new people and have a fun night!
Speed dating is the perfect way to meet loads of new people in one night. Come with a smile and an open mind. Don’t come with a list of job interview questions and an engagement ring just in case.
When you arrive, our lovely SpeedDater host will welcome you and sign you in. Your badge will match a table in the room and usually the ladies stay seated while the men rotate about every 4 mins when the bell ringa-ding-dings. You will have a card to mark down if you are interested in your dates. It’s very handy if you have a few too many cocktails. Just make sure you take the card home with you when you leave.
And after the event? Simply log in with your username and password and click the 'my matches' tab. Once you have entered your ticks you will see if you match with anyone. Remember it's FREE to send/read messages to/from all the guests you have met at the event through our secure website. All our events are guaranteed! If you don't meet at least one person you'd like to see again your next event is free. What have you got to lose?
City: Oxford
Date: Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Age Group: Women 24-36 Men 26-38
The venue: "La Tasca", 5 Oxford Castle, New Road, Oxford
Registration is available by the link ->http://www.speeddater.co.uk/event/speed-dating/Oxford/venue/27737
See you there!
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2014.01.28 13:01 Proclaim_the_Name 23M. I just want to offer a little advice and share some success with the rest of you guys here.

Hey guys. For all the dudes on here who can relate to me, those who are perhaps a little quiet and shy, afraid to talk to girls and get dates, those of us who think we might alone for the rest of our lives, I just want to share a bit of my success and offer a little encouragement and motivation.
I am a 23 M, virgin, and up until recently have never had a girlfriend. My first relationship type of experience with a girl happened when I was 18. This girl was someone I knew a few years beforehand from a class in high school, and met her again at community college. I would see her and her sister walking all the time to classes and we would end up talking between classes. I can't recall ever really going out on a "date" with her. Though we did hang out, sometimes with her family or mine and we did a lot of talking over Facebook. We confessed to each other that we liked each other, but we never once held hands, or kissed or anything past a hug. In short, we were both naive and didn't understand relationships. I knew it wasn't going anywhere after about half a year and felt heartbroken and confused at the end of it. This was the start of my dating career and it didn't seem like a very good one. Though, as is my motto: "getting started is the hardest part".
Fast forward to being 20 years old, and I enter into the sketchy world of internet dating. Out of curiosity and a desire to end loneliness, I find my way to speeddate.com and create a profile. After many attempts to contact females, I wound up messaging a girl that lived 30 miles from me. We exchanged phone numbers and texted for hours. I told her we should meet and she agreed. Oh boy, my first internet date! I drove to her house and was greeted by her dad, who seemed less than happy. Apparently, she did not tell dad that she was internet dating and told him that she was going to go shopping with a friend. Somehow, he let her leave with me anyway. Gentlemen, this girl was hot. It seemed we were having a nice time talking at the restaurant we went to, but the date was cut short by some excuse she had. After that date, I never heard from her again.
From speeddate.com, I moved to match.com. I paid $70 for a 3 month membership, and ended up with one "date" from that website. This date however involved the girl's friend as well, because she felt insecure about meeting a stranger. Fair enough, I thought. That day, I met the two of them and had a fun time chatting it up. She then invited me to her church group meetup and I went to that. I went to the church group only to realize that she wasn't coming. So, I was stood up. After that, I never saw her again.
From match.com I moved to Okcupid.com, the best of these dating sites in my opinion. After many, many internet conversations with girls, I found one who went out with me. I must have solicited myself to over a hundred different girls, and looked through countless profiles. This girl was athletic and became more of a hiking buddy than a date. We met on three different days to hike, and I took her out on one real day to have dinner and a movie. The relationship did not escalate to anything and after the dinner date, I never heard from her again.
So, what do we have to learn from these dates? What was going wrong? Why wasn't anything escalating and moving along?
In large, I knew it was my fears that were holding me back. It was my fears that were keeping me from expressing any confidence and progressing the relationships. I was afraid that I was going to creep them out, or I was going to go too fast. I was waiting for signs and signals. I was hoping they were going to make the first moves. All of these were mistakes on my part.
Something needed to change. And things started to turn around when I decided to ask a girl out from work. I had been working at this department store for a little over a year when she showed up, but it wasn't until another year later that we went on our first date. Before then, I wasn't really interested in her. A few months ago, last year, my coworkers were telling me I should ask her out. I wasn't too sure, but then a couple nights we were scheduled to work together, alone in the stockroom. So, we ended up talking for hours at work. A lot of the talking was about superheroes, movies, shows, entertainment. I started really liking her and looking forward to seeing her at work. And then one day when we were talking again, we were talking about an upcoming movie we both wanted to see and I asked her if she would like to see it with me, and she agreed! After work, I drove her home, because she was dropped off and got her cell phone number. On our first date, we saw "Gravity". We paid separately and I knew that was a dumb mistake on my part, but I paid for her meal after we watched the movie. After that first date, we started texting each other and going out on more dates. I've taken her to the shooting range, a comedy show, she got us tickets to an LA King's game, we went to the Griffith observatory, and recently we went whale watching. It wasn't until our third date that I held hands with her, and not until our sixth date that we first kissed! She has not had a boyfriend before, so I think this has helped my case. She has been patient with me. I've been crossing new thresholds since I've been with her, and it's been easier to do along the way. I've realized that my fears of uncertainty were only holding me back, and that she has wanted to do the things I've wanted to do as much as I have wanted.
You just have to do it. All your doubts are just in your mind, and the best way to rid your fears is to face them head on. That first time holding hands, you just have to grab hers as you walk together. That first kiss, you just have to hold her, lean in and go for it. As men, it's our job to be initiators and the go-getters. The hardest part is getting started, but it does get easier. The fears, uncertainties and doubts become fewer as you cross those barriers. You might have to fake the confidence at first, but as you move along, the confidence becomes real. This is your life, and if you want something, you have to go and get it.
I'm still learning. I still have thresholds to cross and fears to destroy, but my experience has taught me that they can be conquered and I can make my thoughts into reality. I just have to get up, go out, speak my mind, and express what I want. And when I fail, I'll try again with confidence.
I hope this story about myself can relate to some of you guys out there. If I can do it, you can too.
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2011.04.01 10:33 uncomfortablenow LA, I need your help: I need to find an uncomfortable experience ASAP.

I have a term paper due Monday for a class on culture. The assignment is to go to a place that would make you uncomfortable and talk to the people there for 3 hours. Yes, 3 hours. I can't just observe, and I have to be there for 3 hours.
My problem: I grew up in LA, and very little makes me uncomfortable.
Facts about me: I'm not really religious, but respect people that are. I don't really have strong political opinions, but think that different political groups have good points. I could keep going, but the point is I don't feel strongly enough about anything to hate the other side.
EDIT: I forgot to mention, I attend a Christian Conservative, super republican university. I don't think all of the sex places would fly with the professor, although I think it would have been interesting to watch. I think I am going to try speeddating. That sounds really uncomfortable to me. What do you guys think?
PLEASE HELP! Any ideas, events, or any suggestions that could be accomplished this week will be appreciated.
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